Poetry 1 & 2

Poems written by: JACOB HAUNGS
Creator/Curator: The Virtual Agora
Instagram: jacobmhaungs

Below are two poems I wrote a while back. They’ve always been deeply personal to me, but I feel I’ve reached a time in my life where I can share these now. Growth is a powerful thing.

1.) You & Me:

You taught me everything.
You taught me love.
What is love,
Where is love.
You taught me friendship,
You taught me where to find life.
How to enjoy it.
You taught me to look up.
You taught me that there was
That we all were capable of it.
That it was there.
That you were there.
But you didn’t teach me: me.
You didn’t teach me how to love.
You didn’t teach me how to choose.
Or how to think.
You didn’t teach me what you didn’t know.
You taught me to teach myself.
To look and to learn.
To understand.
To know that only I
Could know.
Only me.
And that the small things
Were the big things.
And the sadness was real.
And the feelings were real.
And that it all would fall apart.
But it was ok.
It was alright.
I was alright.
Because you taught me.
And I listened.
And I loved you.
Because I knew how.
Because you didn’t teach me.
Because you were there.

2.) Beauty is Mighty:

One day, I’ll be Beautiful.
One day, I’ll feel it
And know it.
It’ll wash over me,
And I’ll understand.
It’ll change me.
I’ll walk with confidence,
And they’ll see it.
They’ll know it
And they’ll love me.
I’ll love me.
Because I’ll be Beautiful.
One day.
I’ll be able to live.
I’ll be able to smile.
I’ll be happy.
Because I’ll be Beautiful.
One day.
Maybe not now.
Maybe not soon.
But someday.
One day.
I’ll be Beautiful.
And I’ll know it.
I’ll feel it.
You will, too.
You’ll see.
You’ll love me.
Because I’ll be strong.
Because I’ll be Beautiful.
Because I’ll know that I am.
Because I already am.
Because I am.
And so are you.
So are we.
We are Beautiful.
One day.
One day, I’ll feel it.
I’ll be happy.
And strong.
Because I’ll be Beautiful.
Because I already am.

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